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Product range


Absorbing hygiene products


Newbrand is capable to offer a broad range of
quality products within the hygiene product groups:



- Diapers

- Baby powder

- Breast pads

- Disposable washcloths


- Feminine hygiene

- Incontinence





Newbrand has a product range that is comparable to that of the A-brands. Independent
tests have shown that Newbrand products in terms of comfort, absorption, fit and quality,
are similar to the products of the well-known brands. Also for customers who do not own trademarks policy, it is possible for an existing brand.



Paper and cotton hygiene products


A broad assortment of paper and cotton products
completes the Newbrand hygiene line:



- Handkerchiefs

- Facial tissues

- Toilet paper

- Paper towels

- Puke bags


- Cotton pads

- Cotton swabs





The products are available in various qualities and designs according to the wishes of
 the customer. Also these products are produced in an environmentally friendly way.
A quality programme  continuously check the wet-strength, weight, thickness and absorption capacity. This ensures our customers that the quality level meets the customers profile
of the different retailers. Newbrand provide professional support and advise in the development of packaging concepts, test packages and marketing concepts.




Branded products


Within our working area, Newbrand has a strong network to distribute private brands, our
own brands but also A-brands from others. The market strategy  will always be defined in cooperation with the brand owner to ensure that the DNA of the brand fits within the
trade dimension matrix  that we use.


Our brands are:

- Aseptix


- Biocin

- Desinfact

- Dotties

- Three